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Flatbed Trucking & Transportation Services


We're permitted for over-dimensional freight in Ontario and Eastern Canada. Let us take a big load off your hands!


Only got a small piece? No worries, that is our bread and butter. We love puzzles.

Wild Wild West

Western runs are available as well! Fire a request off and we'll get out there!

Miscellaneous Services

Got something in mind you don't see? We've been in the industry many years, if we can't help directly we can definitely set you on the right path with partners in the industry we trust.

Current Equipment Availability:


  • 55 ton RGN and single axle jeep setup avail.

  • Tandem axle step decks 51-53ft

  • Tridem axle step deck beaver tails 53ft

  • Payload capacity ~65,000 LBS

  • 35 inch deck heights (max height 133inch on main deck)

  • Tarping service available

  • Ramp service for loading/offloading up to 23,500lbs axle weight

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